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Jane Worthy
Exciting Vision Saving Innovation
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Improved medical technology set to improve the odds of saving vision



Nearly 300 million people around the world suffer from some type of vision loss or blindness.

Innovation in medical technology is making it easier for near and farsighted patients to see, but is also improving the odds of saving the vision of patients with diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Even certain types of blindness, once considered incurable, are inching toward a possible cure, with the bionic eye providing glimpses of light to those who once could see only darkness.

A recent report  identifies the following 10 vision saving advances in medicine:

  1. Corneal inlay to replace reading glasses
  2. Diamonds to prevent vision loss in Glaucoma patients
  3. HIV medications for macular degeneration
  4. 3D printed prosthetic eyes
  5. Gene therapy for vision loss
  6. TV watching to help with Glaucoma diagnosis
  7. Implantable electronic sensor placed in the eye of glaucoma patients to track pressure changes. 
  8. Smartphone eye examinations
  9. A "sharp" replacement for eye drops
  10. A crop of new apps to help people with vision problems identify objects 

We eagerly anticipate progress with these initiatives to improve the lives of people living with vision issues and will keep you updated. 


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