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Jane Worthy
Finland punk band PKN set for Eurovision
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"Every person with a disability ought to be braver" singer Kari Aalto

PKN, A punk band made up of musicians with Down's Syndrome and autism has been chosen by Finnish viewers to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest - and they have been ranked as among the contest's favourites.

The band's singer says "every person with a disability ought to be braver -
he or she should themselves say what they want and do not want."

The band feels they are changing attitudes, building a strong fan base and selling out concerts.

"We are rebelling against society in different ways, but we are not political," bassist Sami Helle told The Guardian.

The Able Movement wishes the band every success - get behind them!

 Please note the video below is sourced from You-Tube and is not captioned. We have contacted the group to ask whether they will be captioning in future.



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