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Mark Bagshaw
The Shoreline Project / Fluro Friday
Tell Your Story
Tackling mental health with a simple recipe of 
saltwater therapy, surfing and fluro

Fluro Friday is a dynamic initiative started by Sam Schumacher, cofounder of One Wave, to raise awareness about mental health issues as part of his love and passion for the surf and ocean.

Starting with a heroic surf at Bondi Beach dressed in a suit to draw attention to mental health, Sam found surfing was his saviour and by sharing and combining these passions helped people to talk about their mental health and create opportunities for others. Surfing in his suit at Bondi started the momentum and since then stark conversations about mental health have bloomed in over 80 countries in beach communities just like Bondi. 

Do you have a story about how you or a loved one overcame obstacles to enjoy our beautiful and dynamic coast? Do you live with, care for or work and play with someone living with a disability? Your story is important and we would love to share it. Send it to Tell Your Story and share your experience!


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