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Natalie Clark
Innovative technological solutions enable people living with disability in our society
Image: Tech tape
Technology affects our lives dramatically and is a driving force enabling people living with disability to be welcomed with open arms into able communities. 
Assistive technology is, according to Wikipedia: "assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities and also includes the process used in selecting, locating, and using them"  and has the potential to bring about an enormous amount of change. 
From personal lived experiences to community achievements, technology provides solutions for people living with disability to not just more easily find a job but also access the means of transport to get to the job, to hear, to see and communicate on the job. Technology brings innovation to all parts of our lives.
By telling and sharing stories about how society is equipping and welcoming people living with disability, we are bringing about awareness and influencing people in our communities to provide able spaces. Technology enables you to use your phone or to utilise more elaborate tools to tell stories in shorter and easier ways.
Not only are we inspired by your stories, we are developing a tool kit to enable you to tell your story. We are also partnering with technology thinkers to provoke ideas and provide useful tips and tools to enable you and the communities you live in to share your story. These tools are informed by specialist professionals like Christopher Hills, editing extraordinaire.
Tell Your Story and let people know about your lived experience or about your mum, your sister, friend or cousin. Talk about how society enables people living with disability, how we welcome people living with disability with open arms and accessible doors and entrances. Let technology assist you to do this.
Technology giant Google have launched a competition to identify and fund technological innovations that alleviate the lives of people living with disability with a $20 million investment. Check out the details and enter your ideas. Do you know of any other competitions like this?
We will continue to look for and share with you technological solutions for social change and look forward to hearing about your experiences.
Have a great week - The Able Team
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