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James Geiger
James Geiger is not his disability
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James Geiger is definitely not his disability. The Cruz brothers from Florida write about their first amazing encounter with their photographer, adviser, social media manager and great friend ...

Hello - we are The Cruz Brothers, from Tampa, Florida, and we have something we'd like to share. About two years ago, we met a fellow named James Geiger. My brother, PJ was 15, and I, Phil, was 13.

We were playing a gig in the summer of 2013, and little did we know that our lives were about to change for the better. It was so hot that day. We were doing our best to make a good impression on the event coordinator for a pretty big concert. As we played our hearts out, we noticed a man walking around taking pictures of us. Didn't think much of it, just smiled bigger for the camera! After our set, while tearing down, this man approached our drummer, PJ. Later, PJ told us he told him he was an incredible drummer and he loved his band. PJ said he was grateful and that he was a nice guy. He had a little trouble understanding his speech, but the man was really kind and smart. The band packed up and headed off to some air conditioning. August in Florida is brutal!

 About a week later, we received a Facebook message and friend request from this man. We had nearly forgotten about the pictures. He sent a sample and our manager was floored! Our manager or "momager" never had a chance to meet him that day. She told us later that she just remembered a man with a slight limp taking photos. So, she sees the photos and was blown away by the quality. She then begins communicating with this man, James Geiger. She insists on ordering some pictures and sees an opportunity for a photo shoot. Communication through Facebook is a breeze. A deal is made, a connection is made, and an invitation to his open mic is extended. We were so happy with his photos, that our impression of James Geiger was sealed. We wanted more!

His professionalism is solid, as is his business sense, but we are drawn to him, unlike so many others, in some way. He gives some indication of his disability, but we summarily dismiss it as a hindrance, based on our earlier impression of him. All we know, and care about, are his talents, and his likeability. We see him. We meet. We talk. Yes, it's a challenge to understand his speech.

Yes, he has some difficulty with muscle control. Yes, he has trouble with gait. But, those are not things we can focus on.

Each one of us, in our own way, look past his difficulties. We look directly into his warm, kind, intelligent eyes. We're smitten. He's fantastic. His enthusiasm is contagious and we are just, well, smitten. From there, we meet up as often as we can. We play for him as often as our schedule allows, and we order prints and photo shoots as often as our bank permits. But, again, it's more than that.

We've talked and shared about life. We've relied on him for advice and built a strong friendship. Any one of us can go to him for his patient ear. And, we hope he knows that our connection is a two-way street.

 After about a year, we were signed to a manager and publishing company. Everything became too much for our "momager" so she enlisted help. Even with the business manager on board, she was struggling to keep on top of it all. Before James Geiger could finish, "Can I help?" he was on board! He is the man for the job! We are so grateful to James for so many things. His support, knowledge and enthusiasm for our band, turned him into the BEST Social Media Manager we could have hoped for. He is our friend, first and always. Nothing could change that for us.

 Our hope is that through his work with us, others will notice what a treasure he is and will hire him, based solely on his incredible multitude of skills and talent. If there is anything we've learned through our relationship with James, as both individuals and as a band, it's that you cannot, should not judge any book by its cover. And, just like our beat-up, worn-out guitar cases, it's what's inside that counts! We love you, James Geiger! There’s so much more to a person than their “limitations” For us, the Cruz family, differences don’t phase us. James Geiger is now James Cruz Geiger.

 Check out the Cruz brothers on Facebook and see some of James’ amazing photos.


  1. Bringing James on board as a member of the management team was a decision that required very little consideration. I personally gained a great deal of admiration for James when I first started viewing his photographs of the band. A short time after signing the Cruz Brothers I received a request from James on Facebook.

    It only took a short time in conversing with him for me to realize what an intelligent, caring, and responsible person he is. That was the pinnacle of our relationship, and it has manifested itself into something even greater than I imagined. After having been in the business of managing artists, producing, and recording for 15 years, I had never encountered someone that I could trust, and depend on so heavily. We have made great strides in building the Cruz Brothers careers, and I will be the first to tell you, I couldn’t have done any of it as easily, without James.

    He is a valuable asset to the band, or to anyone that he chooses to work with for that matter, and is a close personal friend to all of us, as well as a lifelong partner in Take 7 Media’s endeavors with The Cruz Brothers. He is truly an awesome person and an inspiration!! I’m privileged to call him a friend, and to have the honor of having him on my team.

    An infamous quote from the character “Joker” played by Jack Nicholson comes to my mind any time I think of the adversity that James has to face on almost a daily basis from those that don’t know him. That line, “Wait till they get a load of me” holds ever true. Because, most people cannot see past his appearance or speech! My words to anyone who would dare form an opinion based on outward appearances, echoes that if the Joker. For all you shallow people, “Wait till you get a load of him”. For us, we have had the blessing of getting to see the best parts of one of life’s beautiful anomalies. James, thank you for taking a stand, The Cruz Brothers, the entire Take 7 Media family, and myself, will support you unwavering, even in the face of adversity. Because you sir are definitely worth it!

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