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Jane Worthy
Same dreams, different ways to live them
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Meet Jennie Fenton and listen to her family's story of inclusion, belonging and dreams

Jennie originally told her story at TedX Bellingen in 2013 and it is worth re-sharing today.

Jennie says her story began when her daughter Mala was born six years before. Her understanding of disability at that stage was like many...words such as charity, unlucky, needing prevention or cure, tragedy came to mind. Through her talk she takes us through the realisations that changed this unhealthy understanding to one of inclusion and positivity.

Despite Mala's disabilities Jennie has the same dreams for her as she does for her son - although the way to live them might be different....happiness, health, growth, education, travel, meaningful employment, community involvement, family, friends, love, home and belonging.

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