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Jane Worthy
Secret Mental Health Report reveals disturbing news
News Watch

So broken it hurts the people it is meant to help



Last night's 7.30 report by Sabra Lane presented disturbing stories of the failure of our mental health system. More than double the number of people die by their own hands in Australia than on our roads.

The Federal Government commissioned the National Mental Health Commission to undertake a review of our mental health system, however despite the report being presented last November it still hasn't been released.   

The ABC has obtained some leaked sections of the report which present a damning picture of a mish-mash of services and major deficiencies in support for people in need, despite substantial funding.

The report is disturbing to say the least.

It features the stories of two families who have lost children to suicide following lack of assistance from the system. One mother Kerrie Kepper is determined to see change. Please sign her petition here 

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