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Natalie Clark
The Shoreline Project / Little Heroes 2
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Part 2 of the Little Heroes experience

In this second part of the Little Heroes story, swimming instructor Barry Quinlan is teaching practical skills to create opportunities to enjoy the beach and surf that many people take for granted.

In an inclusive environment, the Little Heroes Swim Academy offers a  Disability Program that caters to ‘little heroes' with either a physical, intellectual or developmental disability, have behavioural issues, or a mix of these, and who need extra support in learning how to swim.

The program invites everyone to take part, giving children with disability the opportunity to learn alongside their friends and siblings. The aim is to learn about how to water aware, to be safer in or near the water and to develop swimming skills. 

They offer reduced fees for little heroes with a disability and subsidies through the Niclas Kesler Scholarship. These opportunities are building courageous little heroes with swim and water skills who are having fun and enjoying the surf at Bondi.

Let us know if you have a story about accessing and loving our beautiful coast and surf?


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