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Natalie Clark
Swansea becomes UK’s first Disability Confident City
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Able communities and businesses open doors to welcome people living with disabilities


We are committed to Able communities that open doors to welcome people living with disabilities and we send our congratulations to Swansea who have been named as the UK’s first Disability Confident city for its efforts to promote employment equality for disabled people.

Swansea Council and more than 60 businesses have signed up to the Disability Confident campaign, which aims to debunk the myths around employing disabled people. They have also thrown down the challenge to other cities and towns to follow. This could achieved in Australia with a system where businesses are acknowledged for their physical and employment accessibility.

UK Minister for disabled people, Justin Tomlinson, said: ‘'Disability Confident is about letting disabled people know that their skills and enterprise are recognised by employers, at the same time as encouraging firms to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce and disabled talent." This is inline with Able's strong belief as a society we are missing out on the enormous capacity people living with disability bring.

UK figures shows that 3.2 million disabled people are now in work compared to 2.9 million last year. The employment rate gap between disabled and non-disabled people is 32.9 percentage points in the UK, compared to 34 percentage points last year. Australians figures reflect this situation with the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics study showing opportunities of employment for Australian people living with disabilities have decreased.

Currently, the Australian Human Rights Commission is carrying out the Willing to Work: National Inquiry into Employment Discrimination Against Older Australians and Australians with Disability. We are busy working on a submission. The Commission is holding consultations across Australia until November. 

Do you know of businesses carrying out best practice approaches to open doors of employment help create Able communities? Are you an Able business owner? Write to us and tell us your story.

The Able Team 

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