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Jane Worthy
The Power of Stories

Are you travelling on the superhighway? Tell the world your story -



The "average person" in our society is travelling on a superhighway of life. Most people with disabilities are travelling on the back roads. They can and want to travel on that superhighway with everyone else, and that's what all of us together can make happen.

We believe telling stories is the best way to convince the world that people living with disability are Ready, Willing and Able to contribute to society. This is where cultural change will happen.

Our 'Tell Your Story" campaign is a high-profile social marketing campaign telling real stories about people with disability who are already participating fully in our society and our economy.

Stories told by them and those who know and love them, who live, work and play with them. Stories told by them in their own words in their own way. Submit your story.

Image: Paul Nunnari "The Other Superman" (in costume in wheelchair) and Able Movement Director.

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