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Natalie Clark
Transport accessibility – Unanderra train station update
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Unanderra station yet to have an accessible solution for people living with disability - veterans, the elderly, physically and mentally disabled and people with prams and other stuff, people with luggage travelling to the airport ...



You will recall our post about the lack of lifts at the Unanderra train station. Recent activity for this campaign shows overwhelming support for accessibility to train stations with almost 300 people attending their rally.

The Unanderra Access Group wrote to the then New South Wales Minister for Transport, Gladys Berejiklian, who responded that while their Transport Access Program has plans for nineteen stations around NSW, Unanderra is not currently in this program and will be considered in their future planning and design work. How many other stations are not included in the program?

This disappointing response has spurred the Group for more planned action and they are currently carrying out a fundraiser to support this action. 

There are many other stations throughout New South Wales lacking lifts, like Redfern station, where the government is yet to provide accessible solutions for people living with disability, people with prams, in wheelchairs, veterans, the elderly, physically and mentally disabled and people with shopping and stuff, and yes, people with luggage travelling to the airport.

Do you have accessibility issues at your local station. Have your say and join an Able community to talk about transport issues in your backyard. 

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