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Natalie Clark

Inspiring mainstream business to be inclusive


Untapped is a new platform designed to create change in the way businesses, employers and communities think about employing people with disabilities.

The aim is to inspire mainstream business to be more inclusive and use this platform to educate and alter widespread misconceptions about people with disability and the enormous capacity they bring to society. Untapped will be a trusted and creative resource for employers and the wider community. 

This diverse team of people bringing together Untapped began meeting in February this year. Shortly after the team identified what was out there, what was needed, and what they are able to start to create change. The team consists of people with disabilities, carers, government representatives, service providers and other small businesses.

Together, Untapped and The Able Movement recognise the power of sharing stories to generate social change and change attitudes. These stories show the vibrancy of people living every single day with disability. Untapped will share the voices of people with disability and show employers that they are extremely productive and innovative. They will show you how hiring people with disabilities enhances businesses and work culture. Society will reap benefits from an increase of people with disabilities in the workforce and this platform demonstrates this impetus for change in the economic force of people with disabilities. Please join in this journey and share your story with likeminded people.

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