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Natalie Clark
Vote YES for Marriage Equality and an inclusive society

We believe in inclusive communities that welcome all people with respect and dignity

The marriage equality debate has come to the point where all of Australia has to make a decision. The Able Movement supports marriage equality because we believe in inclusive communities that provide opportunities for everybody, fuelled by equality, dignity, diversity and respect.

There are many issues to consider and two in particular. Firstly, that we support inclusive communities and secondly, that resources are available for people with disability to ensure they can vote in this important historical event.

As people with disability know from an historical perspective, being treated differently can cause isolation from society and limits the ability to enjoy a full and valuable life. Isolation is detrimental to health and well being that adversely affects our communities and the ability to participate. For younger people dealing with these issues there is a heightened risk of suicide. For children of LGBTI people there can be bullying and exclusion that is simply not acceptable. All people should have the right to love and marry if they choose so. Happier people lead to a more fulfilling and productive society.

Apart from equality and wanting an inclusive society, there is also the issue of how people with disability are being provided with the resources to enable them to vote. The Australian Bureau of Statistics have "Special Strategies to support participation" that outline options including a paperless response, utilising a Trusted Person and a National Relay Service. The paperless response is described as "From 25 September to 20 October, people with a disability can request a Secure Access Code via the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey online enquiry form on the ABS website ( or by calling the Information Line - 1800 572 113. A letter including the secure code will be sent to the person. The code is then used to provide an anonymous survey response through an automated telephony service, a secure online form or via a call centre." (ABS)

Voting yes for marriage equality is a step closer to freedom and equality for all. Like living with a disability, this issue affects everyone, whether a family member, friend or colleague. Do your part for a equal society in Australia and vote YES for marriage equality.

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